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My cat is having a pretty expensive surgery today, so I am trying to raise the funds to help him in any way I can.

Sadly, we lost him before the surgery. I am now trying to raise funds to pay off his final bill.

I have a pretty big sale over here with all kinds of things. Please take a look? I have media, electronics, cosplay wigs, random Hello Kitty stuff, and all kinds of miscellaneous fandom things.

Also, if you can, I would appreciate a signal boost. Good vibes sent for my cat are very appreciated too!

Thank you!

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Lots for sale at [community profile] fantasieren! Currently operating on a first-come, first-serve basis. Any kind of shipping is available to anywhere in the world.

Ordering note and instructions! Please read before commenting!

BJD Items: BJD Clothes, Shoes, Eyes, Wigs. (Including Dollheart and Volks items!)

Anime and Game Trading Cards/TCG: Newer & Older Digimon, Dragonball Z, Kinnikuman, Saint Seiya, Slam Dunk, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, Pokemon (anime), Rockman World, Yu Yu Hakusho.

Pokemon Trading Card Game

Doujinshi: 49 Tales of the Abyss! Also Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragonball, Inuyasha.

Anime Music: Chrno Crusade, Chou Majin Eiyuuden Wataru, Kodomono Uta, Digimon the Movie

Music Singles & CDs: R, hàl, Nokko, Jack & Betty, Alisa Mizuki, Chisato Moritaka, Miho Komatsu, Miho Nakayama, UA, Chara, Maki Sakai / Favorite Blue, Judy and Mary, MY LITTLE LOVER, Ryoko Shinohara.

Books: A Japanese Reader, Japanese in Plain English, misc others.

Anime and Game Goods/Toys: Inuyasha tin badges, Kingdom Hearts Sora figure, Tales of Prop Plus Petite figures, Tales of Destiny trading figures, FMA Alphonse and Scar figures, Super Mario Galaxy Gashapon. Fruits Basket, FMA, unknown anime pins, FMA Alphonse Cosplay Gloves, Cardcaptor Clow Cards, Stikfas mBear.

Anime and Game artbooks/magazines/paper goods: xxxHolic furoku, Durarara advert, FMA Artbook, Official Fanbook 2 & 3, Complete Material Side, Movie Artbook & Poster, FMA Movie Poster, FMA TCG window sign, Inuyasha coloring pad, Pokemon card game book, Pokemon handbook, Slayers TRY Special Collection 3.

Video Games: Japanese Kingdom Hearts II, Original NES Legend of Zelda Game w/box & booklet, Eternal Sonata, Persona 3 FES, Final Fantasy IV DS, The World Ends With You, Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Party 8, DS Lite Browser, PSP Media Manager Software

Manga: Pokemon Adventures, Trinity Blood, Trigun, Bleach, Chrono Crusade, Inu-Yasha 1-11, Full Metal Panic, Planet Ladder, Utena, Demon Diary

Anime DVD and VHS: DVD: Fullmetal Achemist w/ tin, Knights of Ramune. VHS: Burn-Up W, Card Captor Sakura, Hamtaro, Sakura Wars, RG Veda, Slayers
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Item descriptions, shipping prices, and photos are on the Ad pages (follow the links!)
You can view all ads at once (and browse using thumbnails) here. I am not looking for trades and I do not keep items on hold. Priority will go the person who can pay immediately!

Prices are listed as: Item + Airmail Shipping (to US. International will be more, but I'm more than happy to ship internationally). Prices are negotiable!

Costumes & Props

Nanami (Suikoden 2) Costume Set - $30 + $15
Rinoa's Pinwheel (Prop) (Final Fantasy 8) - $65 + $20

I also have wigs for sale, which you can find at my 'view all ads' link. :) Thanks for looking!
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For sale to a good cosplay home: Hat, Cape, Tunic, Sash and Bloomers. Weapon negotiable, but would greatly increase shipping costs even though it comes apart for travel and packing. Wig and round metal belt not included.

Will fit someone up to about 5' 2" and about a women's size 10. If you're really interested, I'll measure everything so you can have exact dimensions.

Make me an offer. Now somewhat older than pictured Girl Unit  wants new-new-new Bellossom costume; is tired of being her brother's dotHack accessory/peep.


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