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My cat is having a pretty expensive surgery today, so I am trying to raise the funds to help him in any way I can.

Sadly, we lost him before the surgery. I am now trying to raise funds to pay off his final bill.

I have a pretty big sale over here with all kinds of things. Please take a look? I have media, electronics, cosplay wigs, random Hello Kitty stuff, and all kinds of miscellaneous fandom things.

Also, if you can, I would appreciate a signal boost. Good vibes sent for my cat are very appreciated too!

Thank you!

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Long time, no post!

If anyone is interested, I've got a couple fannish items up on Ebay right now (along with other things, but these are the most fan-centric.) I very much accept offers, so please don't be shy!

Free! Eternal Summer Marine Morning Hand Towel . Nagisa/Rei design. $4.00 or best offer.

True Blood: The Complete 2nd Season; 5 disc DVD Box Set (HBO Series) . Opened but never watched. Minor shelf wear on the box, but discs are pretty much scratch free. $9.50 or best offer.

Thanks for taking a look :). Hope everyone is doing well.
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Full images of all items are available here

Sale Post available here

Items include:
- DVDs
- Gundam Wing 'Since' and 'Salve Regina' doujinshi
- Gunslinger Girl Box Set with Banner
- CLAMP 'Clover' manga 1-4
- Cowboy Bebop 'Spike' mini bust


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